How important is a Reception desk in your office !


How important is a Reception desk in your office

The reception is one of the most important areas of your office. It is the place where you greet your clients for the first time. The first impression is always the best. so, your reception area makes what you. The reception area allows visitors to learn more about your company. The atmosphere of your reception area will have a positive impact on your clients and employees as well, The main fact reception area is the Reception desk. A Reception desk represents the face of the company and is responsible for greeting and welcoming guests. The reception area and Reception desk are the focal points in this area. This is why investing in a good Reception desk is a smart idea.

How to choose a Reception desk for your office?

A well-designed reception area with well-placed furniture and an elegant Reception desk will silently impress your visitors. There are certain things that you need to think about when choosing the right reception desk for your Office.

  • Look at the right size: size is one of the most basic rules when you looking at picking out any kind of office furniture. If the space is large then go for a reception desk that is larger in size as well as if you have a small reception area then a small reception desk you need. is that will be creating a sort of balance.
  • Right shape & Arrangement: The Reception desk shape is based on your reception area. If you are placing the reception desk in the middle of the room, then you have a round reception desk. For an asymmetrical space, there would be curved reception desk is the right choice. The right shape & the perfect arrangement gives a special look to your Reception desk.
  • Aesthetics: Your Reception desk plays an important role in making your office warm and welcoming. You want to make sure the aesthetics of your reception desk are translating into your business.

What shape Reception desk should I buy?

There are huge varieties of reception desks available in office center.. it comes in various shapes. you’ll want to choose one that best suits the needs of your staff and guests. Mainly we focused on Linear Reception desks, L-shaped Reception desks, U-shaped Reception desks, Curved Reception desks, and Large and small Reception desks, We have also salon Reception desks, Compact Reception Desks available.

  • L-shaped Reception desk: It includes the main desk and a return. Which gives additional space to work. It is a common reception desk in Large Offices. It can Easily fit any office.
  • U-Shaped Reception desk: U-shaped Reception desks are a bit larger than others. A U-shaped Reception desk can have curved or straight edges.
  • Linear reception Desk: It is a good design for an existing building, because of its normal which mainly uses this design all over. linear reception desk looks professional and traditional and it can easily fix any size of office.
  • Large and small Reception desk: According to the size of the Reception area, the number of receptionists, and any other requirements you should choose your Reception desk. Size and shapes are differentiated from the scenarios.

What Size Reception desk should I buy?

The size of your Reception desk will depend upon your reception area. If you have a small Reception area then you will need a small Reception desk. If you’re working with a large area, you should utilize the large elegant Reception desk. A large Reception desk will make a small room look congested, and a small Reception desk in a large room will make the room disproportioned.

The standard size of a Reception desk:  L160* D70* H110, L180* D70* H110, L200* D70* H110, L220* D70* H110, L240* D70* H110.

Where to look for the best Reception Desk in Dubai, UAE?

If you’re looking for a dependable Reception desk in Dubai, UAE, visit us at our store. our professionals help you to select the best furniture for your office. we have a series of Reception desks, Luxury Reception desks, Modern Reception desks, Reception tables, and Reception counters.
Our seasoned professionals give you brief ideas about Office Reception desk ideas, Modern Reception desk ideas, What color choice for your Reception desk, and if a black or white Reception desk is suited for your office. All answers are here. Office center provides a large selection of Office furniture in Dubai, UAE that is made from high-quality materials.

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