When someone walks into your workplace, first of all, they would go to the receptionist or the reception area. so the company logo stamped Reception desk is welcoming our clients. The reception desk is the most basic part of the reception area. Do you know important it is to show your storefront with the perfect reception table? We would like to share some suggestions for how the reception desk influence and how well your clients are treated. Likewise, there are many shapes and sizes of the reception desks that are popular right now

Best Custom-made Reception Desk Manufacturer and Supplier in Dubai UAE

The reception desk the-most basic is the reception area, which is a piece of an office space where you greet all guests and give them a waiting room until they are met by the person with whom they came to meet.

Office Center Dubai is one of the greatest Custom-made Reception Desk providers. We use the highest quality materials at a cheap price. You can also purchase Custom-made Reception Desks online and have them delivered for free. The welcome counter table is a crucial element of workplace furniture. We are the top office furniture Dubai store in the UAE where you can buy office furniture at wholesale prices. A reception desk is a unique sort of desk that is usually found in an office waiting room.

Different types of Reception desks


Choosing a curved reception desk is a great choice if you are looking for a modern design for your office and also curved Reception desk provide more leg space to people


It is a good design for existing building, because of is normal which mainly use this design in all over. linear reception desk looks professional ,traditional and it can easily fix any size of offices.


An L-shaped reception desk you more work spaces and the L-shape allows all of the surface to be reachable. Compared to other types of desks the efficiency, comfort, and space they provide make it well.


According to the size of Reception area, number of receptionist ,and any other requirements you should choose your Reception desk .Size and shapes are differentiated from the scenarios.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can reception desk face the main door?

Yes. Upon entering your office, guests will immediately want to know who to speak with and where to go in order to get started. Because of this, you should face your desk in the direction of the front door, but avoid positioning it too near to prevent any necessary barriers.

  • What is the size of the Reception Desk for two people?

The minimum workspace required for one person is 80 cm. For two people, the minimum space would be 160 cm. However, if drawers are included, an additional 40 cm should be added. If there are two drawers, the total standard size for a reception desk for two people with drawers would be 240 cm.

  • Which Reception Desk is better Custom-made or Ready made?

Ready-made reception desks have limitations when compared to custom-made ones. They are only available in standard sizes, and their quality may be compromised, often utilizing low-quality MDF board. On the other hand, custom-made reception desks feature high-quality MFC board sourced from Germany or Portugal. Additionally, customization options are available for size, color, and model, providing a more tailored and superior solution.



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